"Crowns in 1 Thessalonians, Philippians, and 1 Corinthians," 96 (2015): 67-84.

The image of the crown appears in 1 Thess 2,19, Phil 4,1, and 1 Cor 9,25. However, the crowns differ. While the community constitutes the apostle’s crown in 1 Thessalonians and Philippians, the crown in 1 Corinthians is one of communal contestation. In this paper, I compare the image of the crown in each of the letters. I argue that the crown in 1 Corinthians, available to all believers even at Paul’s expense, is the least hierarchical of the three crowns.


"Rahab, Esther, and Judith as Models for Church Leadership in 1 Clement,” 5.2 (2015): 94-110.

Clement does not forbid women from office in his discussion of the leadership structures of the Corinthian church.

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